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COVID-19 Update


We are committed to continuing to prioritize the safety of our clients and staff. We will be strictly adhering to our Public Health Officer and the College of Physical Therapists’ BC guidelines. We have implemented safety measures at our Physiotherapy Clinic in Langley, BC, to operate under enhanced protocols to ensure our clients’ and staff safety.

*As per the provincial health guidelines, masks are now mandatory, and we will continue to ensure that all our staff and clients will wear a mask in our physical therapy center at all times. We thank you for your cooperation. *

We will continue to offer Telehealth Virtual visits for clients who prefer to stay at home or are immuno-compromised and would like to continue to receive a physiotherapy program to reach their goals.

Have questions / need clarification on Covid-19 Update or to book an initial appointment, follow-up appointment with our registered physiotherapist Call us at

604-532-7887 or email: [email protected]

Physiotherapy Services Provided at Opal

Opal Physiotherapy Clinic in Langley, BC, started with a passion and commitment to offer you a complete approach to injury management, prevention, and acute or chronic pain recovery. We offer a variety of physical therapy services, including neurological, pelvic health and orthopedic /sports rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists have undergone extensive post-graduate training and experience in their field of interest to provide vital services. We are passionate about helping our clients in our community to improve physical function and quality of life. Our clinic is spacious, wheelchair accessible and conveniently located in the heart of Langley City with ample parking space available for our clients.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Physiotherapist at Opal offer clients private treatment sessions to continue your rehabilitation to your potential in the community.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist have training in performing internal and external pelvic floor assessment and management.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist at opal use the best available manual therapy treatment programs to assist you to get back to activities that you enjoy and to improve your quality of life.

"We take ICBC / Motor vehicle injury and WCB clients. We direct bill most Health Insurance companies."

Opal physiotherapy

Benefits of choosing services from Opal Physiotherapy Langley, BC

Customized Physiotherapy Treatment Plan

Our Licensed Physiotherapist provides individualized one on one services, hands-on approach physiotherapy treatment.

Adult neuro rehabilitation therapy

Opal is the First Physiotherapy Clinic in Langley, BC to provide Adult Neurological Rehabilitation Services.

Highly trained Physiotherapist

Highly trained Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist provide assessment treatment for both Men and Women. We have private treatment rooms to maintain privacy.

sports injury recovery​

Orthopedic, Post-surgical and Sports injury physiotherapy services.



Client Testimonials Physiotherapy Clinic In Langley, BC
"Cynthia’s approach is extremely professional; she puts you at ease right away and is very well educated in pelvic floor health and treatment. I am very grateful to Cynthia as I am now better educated regarding my issues, am learning techniques for improvement and am feeling much happier to be in control of my body. Thank you, Cynthia!"
"I benefit from her hands-on technique on soft muscle tissues and mobilization. I've had improvement since my first visit and she continues to encourage and treat at her best and specialty. If you are looking for care that is excellent and holistic, go to her! "
Irma pi
"I have been to a lot of physiotherapist and I have the say that Cynthia is truly one of the best! I find the staff to be very kind and considerate. Great place! I will continue to go there."
gary johnson
"I have noticed a huge improvement in my pain levels, mobility, posture and strength. I would highly recommend her services."
joy brown

Why Choose Opal Physio?

Our physiotherapists are highly trained, experienced and have a membership with the Physiotherapy association and are proud to offer an excellent service with a hands-on pain management approach. You will find that the exercise approach to pain management by our health professional is a one-on-one, highly customized approach and that we are always one step ahead in delivering the best possible care to our patient. Our registered physiotherapists are committed to providing excellent manual therapy or treatment using modalities as required on a case-by-case basis to help pain relief and recovery.

We offer our clients private physical therapy sessions to continue their rehabilitation to bring back their potential.

We offer Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy to our clients, and our registered physiotherapist have training in managing Pelvic floor related conditions assessment and management.

Physical therapists at opal use individualized physical therapy exercise prescription and programs to help clients recover from injury, chronic pain, get back to activities they enjoy, and improve mobility and quality of life.

The physical therapist at Opal health provides a hands-on approach to patient pain and problems that results in the most effective and efficient therapy treatment plan for our patients. This allows us to get to the root cause of your problem as quickly as possible so you can return to your life and activities with less pain and improved quality of life. Our clients are treated by a highly trained therapist who has extensive education in biomechanics, soft-tissue physiology, joint with providing appropriate care and injury prevention. We take pride in providing expert care for all conditions that require physical rehabilitation and healing utilizing new techniques and treatments.

If you are searching for a physical therapist clinic located in Langley, BC, look no further! Opal physio is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Langley, BC. We provide exceptional physio services to various conditions at our location. Our physiotherapists always provide improved and current evidence-based exercise prescription, injury prevention and pain management techniques based on the latest developments approved by physiotherapy regulators to provide the best possible care and pain relief.

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