Manual Therapy Services

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is an advanced form of physiotherapy that treats the roots of the problem rather than the symptoms. It uses a very gentle, hands-on approach to relieve pain and stiffness in muscles, joints, and connective tissue using manual techniques. Our physiotherapists can help you reduce pain and return to your normal self in just a few sessions!

What is Manual Therapy?

Various techniques (i.e. myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization) are applied manually through touch and pressure to help resolve pain and dysfunction of soft tissues and joints. It is scientifically proven to be more effective than conventional physiotherapy techniques as it can often fix long-standing issues.

What is orthopedic manual therapy?

Orthopedic manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that uses hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. It is a type of therapy that helps address the issues related to the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the skeletal system. Manual therapists often work with patients diagnosed with injuries, such as sprains, strains, or other structural issues related to pain and movement.

It is a hands-on treatment that uses various stretches, exercises, soft tissue release, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and soft tissue mobilization. It is both a diagnosis and treatment method and can be used to diagnose the root of pain within the body or to help reduce pain.

The therapist may use a variety of techniques on a client with acute pain or injury to include mobilizations, muscle relaxation with gentle soft tissue work or manual traction. In addition, manual therapists are able to influence bones and joints through hands-on manipulation, such as myofascial release, mobilization or thrusting motions.

Manual Hands-on Physiotherapy

How does manual therapy work?

Manual therapy is a treatment that uses the hands to apply manual forces to the body in order to alleviate pain and improve function. The therapist will assess first for mobility/ joint range of motion, muscle strength, neuromuscular function, and soft tissue flexibility. The treatment is done by applying pressure to the specific muscles being assessed or areas around them to loosen them up. The therapist will also take into account any other factors that might be related to progressing treatment with the use of corrective exercises or lifestyle modifications.

What is manual therapy treatment used for?

Manual therapy is used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. The specific techniques used depend on the type of injury as well as the area that is being treated. Treatment techniques are used to:

  • Reduce stiffness
  • Alleviate pain
  • Improve range of Motion
  • Increase function

Who can benefit from Manual therapy?

Manual therapy is used to treat muscle pain. It is best suited for those who have chronic muscle pain or injuries that have not healed on their own.

What is the difference between Manual therapy and Manipulation?

Manipulation is a part of the manual therapy technique. Manipulation is a specific technique that uses thrusting motions with quick movements to push a joint beyond its normal range of movement for manual adjustments of the spine or extremities.

Does the Therapist at Opal Physio provide manipulation techniques?

We do not do manipulations. However, we provide and use other major manual therapy techniques that include Muscle release, joint and soft tissue mobilization, corrective exercises to help alleviate pain and improve mobility and flexibility.

How often will I need manual therapy?

Every person will need different amounts of treatment time. It depends on your day-to-day activities and how your body reacts to therapy procedures.

Does manual therapy treatment alone help with pain and injury?

It is often used in conjunction with other treatments such as active exercises, lifestyle modification, home exercise programs to provide a better approach to treatment that is much more effective.

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