Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Services

At Opal Physiotherapy our physiotherapist have a special interest and have extensive post-graduate training in the management of pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women.

All assessment and treatment sessions are one on one and are conducted in a private and supportive environment. Our Therapist has training in performing internal and external pelvic floor assessment and management.

Our physiotherapy treatment may include specific exercises to strengthen or relax pelvic floor muscles, motor control and core muscle re-training, visceral and somatic mobilization techniques, education and lifestyle modifications.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

What to Expect in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Session:

Your consultation is all conducted in private rooms and is one on one. You will be asked detailed questions related to your problems or symptoms.

* Protecting your privacy and confidentiality is important to us *

Pelvic floor assessment often involves an internal vaginal/rectal examination which will help provide very useful information about your pelvic floor muscle tone and strength as well as to guide the right treatment, this will always be done only with your consent.

 If you are uncomfortable in any way, an alternate way of assessment and treatment can be discussed with you as well.

After the examination, your physiotherapist will discuss the results of the examination and can discuss treatment options tailored for you.