Motor Vehicle Accidents – Physiotherapy Treatment Claims

Motor Vehicle Accidents - ICBC Physiotherapy Claims
Motor Vehicle AccidentsICBC Physiotherapy Claims

At Opal physiotherapy clinic, we offer treatments for aches, pains, and sprains due to a motor vehicle accident. In the event of a motor vehicle accident. ICBC offers treatments If you are hurt. When you report the accident to ICBC, they will provide you with a claim number, which allows you to be eligible for physiotherapy treatments.

When you provide us with the claim number, we will be able to direct bill ICBC on your behalf. There will be no extra costs involved unless you require a specialized area of treatment like pelvic floor physiotherapy or vestibular or Neurological Physiotherapy. In that case, we require a doctor’s note identifying that the cause is due to the motor vehicle accident, and we may request ICBC with the doctor’s note for the appropriate treatment.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy - ICBC Claims

Note on ICBC Physiotherapy Claims:

Each patient is limited to only 25 sessions under the ICBC physiotherapy treatment. Once the patient has reached that limit, the ICBC can still cover additional sessions based on the doctor’s advice or physiotherapist’s recommendation. So, call us today; we would be glad to provide more information on your ICBC physiotherapy treatment claims or other insurance-related questions.