Covid 19 Physio Clinic Safety Plan

Opal Physiotherapy
Clinic Covid-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Safety Plan - Updated April-05, 2021

We are committed with continuing to prioritize the safety of our clients and staff. We will be strictly adhering to guidelines provided by our Public Health Officer and College of Physical Therapist of B.C. We have implemented in-clinic Covid-19 safety plans/ Measures, so we can operate under enhanced protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Covid-19 Safety Plan

*As per the provincial health guidelines, masks are now mandatory, and we will continue to ensure that all our staff and clients will wear the mask in the clinic at all times. We thank you for your cooperation.*

Current Protocol Followed at Opal Physio

  • The Physiotherapist’s appointment schedule and Staff schedule is adapted to reduce the number of people in the clinic at one time. As always, we will be continuing to provide one-on-one treatment sessions.
  • Our Administrative Staff and Therapists will always be wearing Masks and Gloves.
  • Clients are encouraged to please bring face masks or face coverings for all appointments if they have one available. Gloves will be provided if required.
  • We will be following Public Health Office Guidelines with enhanced hygiene and disinfecting protocols by following frequent hand washing, cleaning of all door handles, frequently touched surfaces, and areas.
  • Treatment areas and equipment is sanitized after each patient visit and use.
  • A plexiglass shield installed at the reception desk.
  • Washrooms will have frequent sanitization protocols in place.
  • Hand sanitizer is available on the countertop at the front desk and throughout the clinic for client and staff use.
  • You will be required and asked to wash your hands upon entering the clinic.
  • We are currently only accepting contactless payment and credit cards. If possible, you will be required to provide Credit Card on file and rest assured the Credit Card is kept in an encrypted software system on record.
  • We will be able to continue to bill your extended health benefits, as usual, ICBC and WSBC claim, and all receipts will be emailed to you as needed.


As Part of the Covid-19 safety Plan
  • Staff will be screened for any signs of COVID -19 Symptoms daily, and if there are any concerns, they will be asked to stay at home and therapist appointments will be rescheduled.
  • Clients will be pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms when booking the appointment or before the appointments.
  • When booking an appointment and before your appointment, you will be asked the following screening questions:
  1. Do you have any COVID-like symptoms? Symptoms include fever, runny nose, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue etc.
  2. Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
  3. Have you had contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    If you exhibit any COVID -19 symptoms or if you have answered yes to any of the above questions, your appointment will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so as per our updated Covid-19 Safety Plan or when your symptoms have resolved. You can alternatively opt for Telehealth Sessions to continue with physiotherapy services.
  • Staff will be following physical distancing measures.
  • We recommend arriving for your appointment at scheduled arrival time no earlier than  5 min unless you have to complete any paperwork to limit being in the waiting room, and we recommend staying in the car if required until your appointment time.
  • Waiting room Magazines and treats are unavailable now to avoid any surface contacts.
  • Strategies have been implemented in waiting rooms with one client at a time.
  • Floor markings are used to control the in-clinic reception area waiting room, and furniture has been arranged to maintain physical distancing measures.
  • Telehealth Virtual care Physiotherapy service is available for clients who are at high risk, clients who wish to continue with this service, or for clients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Please call us at 604-532-7887 or email us at [email protected] if you need further information regarding the clinic Covid-19 safety plan.


Can my caregiver or family member, or child come with me to my appointment?

To reduce the risk of infection and keep the physical distancing measures, only the patient is allowed in the clinic at this time.  Visitors will be required to stay in their cars or outside.

The exceptions to this are if you have a caregiver and have special assistance or a parent accompanying a child under 18 yrs.

If I am feeling unwell prior to my appointment, what should I do?

Please inform the front desk and your appointment will be rescheduled to a later date when you are symptom-free. You will not be charged for cancellation amid COVID-19 safety measures.