New Physiotherapy Booking Appointment

Initial Physiotherapy Booking :

If you are a new client to our physiotherapy clinic, you will be asked to provide us with your email address during your booking to send you the welcome / account setup email. After setting up your account, please make sure your online intake form is completed before your initial appointment with our physiotherapist. If you are in any case not able to complete your online intake form, our front desk associate will be happy to help you; however, please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled physiotherapy treatment session appointment time to complete the form or to make sure your registration information is complete.

Physiotherapy Booking – First Treatment Session Information

New Client Info - Physiotherapy Treatment

Do I need a Physician’s Referral? :

A physician referral is not required to see a physiotherapist in BC. However, please check with your extended health plan, as some plans may require a referral from a physician. If you have a referral for a physiotherapist, please make sure you bring it with you for your initial appointment.

If you are a physician referring a patient, any information we receive is greatly appreciated and is helpful for treatment purposes.

Follow Up Physiotherapy treatment Visits:

Your follow-up visits will be determined during the initial session by our physiotherapist based on the patients’ individual needs.

ICBC / Work Safe BC Clients :

If your physiotherapy sessions are covered through ICBC insurance / Work Safe BC please make sure you bring your doctor’s referral, your ICBC Physiotherapy claim number and your BC care card number for your initial appointment, or you can contact us at +1-604-532-7887 for more info.