Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

Pregnancy can be a time of joy and excitement but can bring its own set of physical challenges, especially low back pain. Our Langley location is proud to offer specialized physiotherapy treatments developed to help pregnant women relieve low back pain and discomfort during their pregnancy journey.

Low Back Pain Pregnancy Treatment

Our proficient team:
Our highly trained physiotherapists are committed to providing the best possible care for our pregnant patients. Our therapist has extensive experience treating pregnancy-related low back pain and has completed additional prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy training.

Our customized approach:
At Opal Physio, we believe in providing personalized care that addresses each patient’s distinctive needs. We begin with a thorough assessment to determine the source of your low back pain and create a customized treatment plan to help you find relief.

Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain

What is pregnancy-related low back pain?

Pregnancy-related low back pain is a familiar issue that affects many expectant mothers, often due to the changes in posture, weight distribution, and hormonal fluctuations that transpire during pregnancy.

As the baby grows, the mother’s center of gravity shifts, increasing stress on the lower back and pelvic region. Additionally, the hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy to help prepare the body for childbirth. Still, it can also cause ligaments and joints to become more relaxed, contributing to instability and discomfort in the lower back.

The Low back pain or discomfort can range from mild to severe and may interfere with daily activities or sleep. The pain may be felt in the lower back, buttocks, hips and thighs. Fortunately, various treatments such as physiotherapy and exercise can help alleviate pregnancy-related low back pain and promote a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

Pregnancy Low Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

Our physiotherapy treatments for pregnancy low back pain include:

Pelvic floor physiotherapy:
Our therapists will focus on helping strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles, which can contribute to low back pain during pregnancy.

Core muscle training:
During pregnancy, core muscle training is essential for maintaining strength, stability, and overall wellness. In addition, expectant mothers can better support their growing baby by focusing on the deep abdominal, pelvic floor, and back muscles and minimizing pregnancy-related low back pain.

Manual therapy:
Our physiotherapists use hands-on techniques to mobilize joints and soft tissues to help provide prompt relief from low back pain.

Prenatal stretches:
Physiotherapists can design for pregnant women exercises and stretches, focusing on improving flexibility and strength while minimizing low back pain.

Postural improvement:
Postural correction during pregnancy involves adjusting and maintaining proper body alignment that can help correct the expectant mother’s posture and strengthen the muscles that support the back. This, in turn, helps reduce strain on the spine and muscles, helping alleviate discomfort and minimizing pregnancy-related low back pain.

Patient education:
Our physio can offer education during pregnancy for low back pain that encompasses guidance on proper body mechanics, posture, and safe exercises, to help empower expectant mothers to manage discomfort and maintain a healthy, active pregnancy effectively.

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